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Case Studies Hired, Inc.
Hired, Inc. Case Study

Maximizing The Success Of Advertising Campaigns

When it comes to maximizing success of its advertising campaigns, Hired, Inc. chose to partner with BuySellAds.

Optimization-Centric Advertising Approach

Driving qualified leads into a customer funnel isn't something anyone can accomplish overnight. For Hired, Inc., getting a qualified design, user-experience, and developer candidate to sign up for their recruitment service was a top priority. Thanks to the unconventional and in-depth relationship between BuySellAds and Hired, Inc., the company has been able to reach its goals. Given the native content expertise at BuySellAds and through leveraging publishers on the Syndicate and Carbon networks run by BuySellAds, Hired, Inc. has realized real growth from their campaigns being managed by BuySellAds.

Thanks to the campaign oversight, BuySellAds has driven growth in the US, UK, and Canada for Hired, Inc.

Sponsored and native advertising campaigns made a real difference for us. BuySellAds has extended our reach and made it possible for us to onboard candidates to our platform at an impressive rate. Both Syndicate and Carbon Ads have made a real impact on our growth. Bistra Anguelova Bistra Anguelova Marketing & User Acquisition Associate at Hired, Inc.

According to Bistra Anguelova, a Marketing & User Acquisition Associate at Hired, Inc., "Sponsored and native advertising campaigns made a real difference for us. BuySellAds has extended our reach and made it possible for us to onboard candidates to our platform at an impressive rate. Both Syndicate and Carbon Ads have made a real impact on our growth."

Campaign success was driven by a unique campaign optimization approach. Immersing itself in the complicated marketing plan at Hired, Inc. has helped BuySellAds manage both campaigns targeting new recruits to the service and all business-to-business (B2B) campaigns.

"We take pride in our ability to immerse ourselves in our partner's marketing teams. Thanks to Bistra’s forward-thinking approach to our relationship, we were not only able to advise Hired, Inc. about ad placements, but we were also able to make changes quickly on the fly to campaigns when they were needed," according to Matthew Kammerer, Senior Sales Executive at BuySellAds.

The partnership and unique approach have resulted in a mutually beneficial relationship that has both driven growth at Hired, Inc. and BuySellAds.

"We partnered with Hired, Inc. to fill the funnel on both sides of their business equation," according to Matthew Kammerer. "On the one end we help them attract candidates looking for new opportunities, but on the other, we also assist them in targeting new partnership opportunities with companies looking to hire from their recruit pool."

The result? BuySellAds has helped Hired, Inc. increase the number of candidates joining the platform.

"Our new ad strategy and our partnership with BuySellAds has helped us increase our reach into two tough markets. Their team has done a fantastic job at not only managing our campaigns but also continuously evaluating the success of campaigns and then re-diverting resources to the strategies that are the most successful. Our campaigns with BuySellAds are far from the "set it and forget it" mentality we've seen with some of our other past partnerships."

Building The Ad Network To Support Advertiser Demand

BuySellAd’s relationship with the publishing community has been a huge benefit for Hired, Inc. as the company looks to extended its audience and reach more customers across the internet. While inventory may not always be available, BuySellAds has always managed to recruit new publishers to their network to help fulfill campaign commitments.

The commitment to campaign success is something Bistra Anguelova noticed immediately, "When it comes to ensuring campaign success, BuySellAds has been tremendous in recruiting new publishers and content producers to their network to meet our needs. While they already have very targeted publisher list in the developer, designer, and user-experience sectors, they've also done a fantastic job recruiting new publishers when we needed them. It makes our jobs easier as marketers when our advertising partners can build new supply channels for us that quickly."

"With some campaigns outperforming others, we've leveraged the ability to adjust based on success. To help maintain agility within our campaigns with Hired, Inc., we've built a robust reporting system that lets us quickly iterate on our decisions and then re-organize campaigns based on real-time success patterns," said Matthew Kammerer, Senior Sales Executive at BuySellAds.

Thanks to the unique relationship between Hired, Inc.’s marketing team and the BuySellAds sales team, the company has managed to increase its reach, grow its business, and recruit more job candidates than they have been able to with other advertising partners.

When it comes to involvement, BuySellAds has taken a hands on approach that lets the company test campaigns quickly than maximize spend in areas seeing success. Thanks to its vast publisher partnership list, the company is able to not only provide inventory to fill, but it can ensure that campaigns will exceed expectation.

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