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Access thousands of independent publishers at-once.

Automated guaranteed media buying that scales.

Access thousands of independent publishers at-once

01. Quality Control

No need to keep digging for that special something. Our 5% acceptance rate of publishers is proof of our stringent quality control. New publishers are vetted, curated, and added weekly.

02. Recommendations

Our team of advertising experts are here to help with personalized recommendations and proposals. We've been doing this since 2008. If you need something we don't offer, just ask. We'll find if for you.

03. Real-Time Tracking

The BuySellAds core application offers an intuitive dashboard where you can keep track of impressions, clicks and CTR, as well as manage all of your ads. It really is the ultimate all-in-one solution.

04. Advanced Targeting

From category to geo, all the way to segment and platform targeting, you can now accurately setup targeting for your campaigns. You will also benefit from our consolidated billing and reporting features.

We sell 2 billion guaranteed ad impressions per month, no one is selling more — we know what we're doing and have been doing it better than anyone else since 2008.

BuySellAds Marketplace

Getting Started Is Easy.

01. Browse The Marketplace

Simply browse around the Marketplace, or use the search bar to refine your search criteria. You can also browse by category to narrow down your search.

02. Add To Cart

Once you've decided on a property, simply select the ad zone you'd like to book and add it to your cart. You can of course add as many ad zones as you need.

03. Setup Your Ads

You will then be able to upload your ad creative(s), setup advanced targeting, and even schedule your ads to run on specific dates.

04. Going Live

Once the publisher has approved your ad(s), they will go live right away. Then just sit back and watch the traffic roll in.

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