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Illusion is a globally recognized arts magazine that was founded by Scene360 in 2008. Covering fine art, tattoo, graffiti, design, and cinema, Illusion attracts 7 million readers every single year and has a following of 5 million via social media.

Illusion has been nominated for several awards including the Webby Award an astonishing four times, being crowned the winner for Best Art Website in 2015. It is also a three-time winner of the Pixel Awards for Art and People’s Champ, a two-time Platinum winner of the A’ Design Awards for Digital and Broadcast Media and has been named a SXSW finalist.

The Guardian – "'Pick of the Week,' focus of optical illusions, visual gags, trick photos."
Communication Arts – "An influential publisher of anamorphic images."
Visual News – "The Top 50 Art Blogs to Follow."
PC Magazine – "Top 100 Websites of 2014."

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