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Established in early 2007, DO THE TON is the worlds largest and fastest growing site for Cafe Racer and vintage motorcycle information, instruction and inspiration.

DO THE TON is a massive and ever growing repository of knowledge, experience, stories and photos submitted by bike builders and enthusiasts from around the world. Our global audience follows custom bike projects from start to finish, get ideas for their own work and share their experiences with everyone.

When people search for how to make changes to their motorcycles chances are high that they will end up reading one of the 700,000+ content submissions on the site.

Many of the bikes built by the over 30,000 DO THE TON registered members from around the world are featured on world-leading motorcycle blogs, magazines and other websites all linking back to the detailed build pages, all of which have our sponsors' advertising in view.

Along with our registered membership, the vast knowledge contained in the site attracts over 100,000 unique visitors every month. They come to see what's going on in the vintage motorcycle world and find out where to get the best parts and gear.

DO THE TON also participates in leading vintage motorcycle festivals and shows such as the Barber Vintage Festival every October, gaining further exposure for our partners.

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