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Comic Book Plus

Comics, books & OTR radio |
Comic Book Plus is an absolutely massive site, overflowing with old comics, comic strips, pulp fiction, Old Time Radio, films, TV and other such Golden Age stuff. We have 27,000 books comprising of well over 1,000,000 scanned pages and 12,500 radio shows.
Comic Book Plus is highly reputable, and has been in existence since 2006. It has a large and ever increasing following. As you can see we mean business and are now offering all our ad space at real bargain prices.

We are a great site, with great visitors and a great place for your ads!

* This website allows animated ads.

Website (CPM)

Rectangle - Middle Right
300 x 250 Middle Right
1,156,000 Est.Impressions
$1.75 CPM
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According to my stats this actually has the highest CTR on the site. Even if they are slightly out (which i doubt) it is still great value,. If you have a cool 320x250 ad ... try it here . I promise you'll be pleasantly surprised!
Leaderboard - Top Center
728 x 90 Top Center
348,000 Est.Impressions
$1.75 CPM
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Top spot that appears on EVERY page of the site. The PRIME REAL ESTATE at a ROCK BOTTOM PRICE! So that for little more than PEANUTS you can now buy a piece of the action!
Skyscraper - Middle Right
160 x 600 Middle Right
295,000 Est.Impressions
$0.90 CPM
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This is a top performer, although the location does not seem prime. I believe this is due to the amount of people who read the synopsis and the detail about the books which it sits on the right of, and cannot be missed
Leaderboard - Middle
728 x 90 Center
1,719,000 Est.Impressions
$0.90 CPM
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This is a great performer and I have made it even sweeter by pricing it as cheap as chips. You'll be sure to score some hits! A great buy!
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