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Reach more than 52,000 marketers when you advertise on We help businesses acquire & engage with more customers online through our competitive intelligence software & our popular newsletter, Follow Weekly, which we send out 1 time per week. Advertisers can target our user base by advertising either in our in-app ad unit and or our newsletter.

# In-App Advertising

Advertise inside of our application with a 320x50 banner ad. This ad is shown across all devices; phones, tablets and desktop computers. You'll reach every one of our users who has logged in our application that is non-paying member of our service. This placement is highly visible.

# Newsletter Advertising

With Follow Weekly, we mainly focus on publishing very high-quality articles on customer acquisition strategies. Our audience includes small-to-medium size business owners and online marketers, marketing officers and CMOs (chief marketing officers), but also advertisers. All these people are mostly interested in generating new leads, and of course drawing in new customers.

Follow Weekly’s audience is mainly from the U.S. (74%), Europe (15%) , Canada(5%) and the rest from other countries all around the world.

64% of our audience uses desktop email clients (mostly on Gmail and Apple Mail), and 36% uses mobile devices’ clients (mostly on iPhone and Android).

Topics Our Readers Want to Read

With Follow Weekly you can target your message to people that are highly interested in topics such as:

- Customer acquisition
- Customer retention
- Email marketing
- Content marketing
- Competitive intelligence
- Social-media marketing
- Optimization
- Growth hacking
- E-commerce
- SEO and SEM

Banner Ads & Native Advertising Available in the Newsletter

On Follow Weekly we provide space for banner ads that measure 300 x 250 (Text Center). Space available depends on availability. Another way to advertise on Follow Weekly is by using native ads for your blog posts, which looks like a normal article. Go here to see more details:


Still Need More Information?

You can contact Nana on nana[@] if you need more information. He will be super happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Your advertisement will run in our newsletter for 30 days, or a minimum of 4 Newsletters. We send out 1 email each week. You'll reach about ~53,367 CMOs, digital marketers & growth hackers from our list.

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