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Student Art Guide

Helping Art Students Excel |
OVERVIEW: The Student Art Guide is a leading high school art education website, providing original, content-rich articles and resources to help students excel. Our content is written by experienced teachers. Advertising on our website is a great way to reach an engaged, young adult audience in a brand-safe environment.

Content created by the Student Art Guide is recommended by Cambridge International Examinations for IGCSE and A Level Art and Design students; mentioned within the provisional OCR GCSE Delivery Guide: Drawing for Different Purposes and Means; given as learning references for line drawing and perspective (OCR is part of the Cambridge Assessment Group, which is now Europe’s largest assessment agency and operates in over 150 countries); and included as one of two web sources within the Teachers Manual Grades K-5: A Fine Line: Observation, Discovery and Expression in Drawing, an Artmobile publication funded in part by the US National Endowment for the Arts. Please see the ‘About’ page on our website for testimonials from teachers and education professionals.

SOCIAL MEDIA: We have 70,000+ Pinterest followers, 17,000+ Facebook followers. Our content is particularly viral on Pinterest, with many of our pages shared hundreds of thousands of times.

TRAFFIC: The Student Art Guide is growing steadily, with over 4 million page views in the last 12 months. 80% of our traffic is from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Most visitors are students aged between 15 and 18 and study Art, Design or Photography at high school. Many are actively looking for assistance with their courses and help with preparing portfolios for university or college degrees. A large number of Art teachers also visit our website and share our resources with their students.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: We have recently created ‘sponsorship’ advertising slots for our most popular content. These are extensive ‘evergreen’ resources, which gain 8k-30k visitors every month (a pageview range can be viewed by hovering over the ad zone below; we can also provide Analytics screenshots upon request). This allows you to create highly relevant, customised banners that directly target the audience of the content, optimising click through ratio.

Our advertising rates are calculated using a formula which is based on years of experience running Adsense units in these ad slots.

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Popular Content: Art Portfolios for College or Uni
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Popular Content: One Point Perspective Drawing
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