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Display Ad in Email Newsletter
700 x 300 + Text Center
62,000 Est.Subscribers
2 of 2 Available
$500 per Newsletter
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Sponsored Slot in Email for $500 per email - Get a 700 X 300 Sponsored Slot in our email newsletter to 60,000+. You get final approval. We only want content that our audience would respond to. We want it to be witty/clever or interesting and cool.

Website (CPM)

Sitewide Desktop Leaderboard
728 x 90 Top Center
83,000 Est.Impressions
$4.00 CPM
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Get a display ad (728x90) across the homepage, product, location, TV and movie pages on TheTake is a fast growing NYC startup that gets over 700,000 pageviews per month. Put your brand next to the latest and greatest from film and TV.

Mobile Website (CPM)

Sitewide Mobile Leaderboard
320 x 50 Bottom Center
160,000 Est.Impressions
$4.00 CPM
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Mobile leaderboard fixed to bottom of mobile browser window, always visible even when user scrolls down.
Impressions based on last 30-days In the event that we do not have a full 30-days, we extrapolate based on data we have.
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