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Life In LoFi reaches a wide range of mobile photographers and artists. We have a limited amount of prime screen real estate available to advertise your iPhoneography-related apps and products.

Life In LoFi is one of the oldest and most widely respected blogs about iPhoneography and Mobile Photography, featuring news, tutorials, showcases and reviews of apps and gear for novice to advanced iPhoneographers. Over 80,000 iPhoneographers read Life In LoFi each month. Over half of our readers have at least 35 photo apps on their iPhones. Our readers are early adopters of iPhone photo apps and products. High-quality content combined with a loyal reader base make Life In LoFi an attractive ad buy.

Audience Statistics: <br>

Male: 66% male,
Adult: 49% 25-44,
Educated: 74% have attended College or Grad School,
Affluent: Relative to the general population, people with income more than $100,000 per year are over-represented at

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