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The Tech Journal Dot Com is the biggest rising Tech News Site. We are High Alexa Ranked site, with daily massive organic traffic. We have monthly 3.6 million readers with about 10.2 million page view. We have massive influence among social network with around 1,50,000 fan-following-subscriber including twitter followers, Facebook fan, newsletter subscriber, RSS Feed reader and increasing daily. And about 60%+ User from USA/CA and rest 28%+ from Europe. We are rank No. 1 In Tech News Blog Top site list. We are very popular among Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch lover also have huge audience interested in Apps, Android device, Laptop, notebook, net-book and various software review. TTJ is ideal place for advertising iOS Apps, Mobile games-software, Web Service, software, various conversion tools, phone accessories and gadgets like camera, GPS, notebook, tablet etc.

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