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Tips for Life | is the #1 Productivity and Life Tips Blog. The site is dedicated to lifehacks, which are any advices, resources, tips or tricks that will help one get things done more efficiently and effectively.

• 12M unique visitors worldwide
• 22M page views
• Affluent audience
• 36% male / 64% female
• 80% are between the ages of 18 – 44

Ads will appear on the following sections:
Homepage, Communication, Motivation, Relationships, Lifestyle, Health, Productivity, Work, Quotes.

Ad placements on are located in eye-catching positions that are highly viewable (over 60% active view). In addition, because of the nature of our life improvement content, visitors of are more open to exploring new ideas and products. As a result, our average ad CTR (all formats) is way higher than that of the industry average of 0.1% at around 0.4%.

* This website allows animated ads under the following conditions: No expandables or pop-ups

Website (CPM)

Premium Homepage 300x250
300 x 250 Middle Right
103,000 Est.Impressions
$8.50 CPM
Premium ATF 728x90 Leaderboard
728 x 90 Top Center
2,063,000 Est.Impressions
$8.00 CPM
Sticky ATF 300x250 Sidebanner
300 x 250 Top Right
1,685,000 Est.Impressions
$6.50 CPM
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BTF Content Bottom 300x250
300 x 250 Bottom Center
5,016,000 Est.Impressions
$5.00 CPM

Mobile Website (CPM)

Mobile In-content 300x250
300 x 250 Center
11,269,000 Est.Impressions
$4.50 CPM
Impressions based on last 30-days In the event that we do not have a full 30-days, we extrapolate based on data we have.
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