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Mate Tokay
Mate Tokay
Case Study



A trusted platform for cryptocurrency newcomers. is the premier source for everything Bitcoin related. Its provides resources to help enthusiasts buy bitcoins and choose a bitcoin wallet, and it facilitates community through its news site and Bitcoin Forum.

With so much to oversee, turned to BuySellAds to manage sales and operations of its banner and performance-driven native advertising. Through the exclusive partnership, focuses on its content while BuySellAds grows advertising revenue. App Graphic

The Results

Great user experience and high-performance ads.

Unique visitors per month 5.5M

9.8M Page Views Per Month

Cryptocurrency & Tech-Savvy Target Audience

BuySellAds and share a passion for creating great user experiences. Our advertising partnership means we can focus on creating high-quality content while BuySellAds optimizes our advertising.

Mate Tokay - Bitcoin Mate Tokay COO @

Managing Unprecedented Demand needed a solution that scaled with cryptocurrency interest.

Brands use’s display, native, and content ads to reach newcomers to the cryptocurrency space. Its placements are unobtrusive and performance-based, offering great user experience to visitors and results-driven campaigns to marketers.

As the digital economy grew, needed a sustainable solution that allowed it to focus on its audience and content. That’s why it partnered with BuySellAds for advertising sales and operations management. Now, BuySellAds fills advertiser demand and executes campaigns, letting concentrate on growing its community.

Partnering with BuySellAds gives our team more hours in a day. We use the extra time to produce more trusted in-depth resources and grow our audience.

Mate Tokay - Bitcoin Mate Tokay COO @
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