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Deal Manager Direct

What if we told you the best way to transact on a deal is directly within a deal? Forecast avails, send proposals, and receive eSignatures within minutes. Can your PDFs to that?

How Fast Can You Close A Deal?

01. Simple Management

Manage all of your outgoing deals, proposals and IOs and go through the whole trafficking process, all with a single easy-to-use interface.

02. Streamline Your Communication

Talk directly with your advertisers about their campaigns. From the initial approval process all the way to the end of a campaign.

03. Sign On The Bottom Line

Immediately send and sign IOs with the click of a button. You'll be sending and closing more deals than you ever thought possible.

04. Track Details

Generate a paper trail of the complete campaign history. Easily keep track of your earnings and reward your top performing sales agents.

Stop dragging out your ad sales and start closing deals at a rate that might surprise even you.

Deal Manager Direct

Getting Up And Running
Really Is A Breeze.

01. No Dev Needed

Setting up is as quick and painless as the BuySellAds team hitting 'Launch'.

02. Get Trained

Our support staff will train your team and help them get the most out of Deal Manager Direct.

03. Customize Your Portal

Configure your sales portal to meet your team's needs and add as many team members as you require.

04. Start Selling

Immediately start compiling sales proposals and receive instant notifications when IOs are signed.

Ready To Get Started?

Join world-renowed media companies. It's time to give your sales team a platform that lets them sell guaranteed inventory in the most efficient way possible.

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