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InvestingChannel Solved Its Cross-Site Categorical Advertising Conundrum

It's one thing to sell advertising on your publication, but it's another challenge entirely when you're hoping to package up your customers across several publications and then sell the ad inventory collectively by audience. InvestingChannel has partnered with BuySellAds to build a white-labelled direct sales portal that lets the publisher sell across their network audience.

Audience Based Selling Across Variety Of Publications

"When Peter came to us looking to sell InvestingChannel's inventory collectively instead of one-by-one across their entire publication lineup, we were excited to explore the intriguing new possibility for selling advertisements online. Not a lot of our publishers are that progressive in their approach. The engineering challenge to adapt our publisher tools to a new use case was pretty exciting," according to Todd Garland, CEO of BuySellAds.

Originally, InvestingChannel had a difficult time finding an ad tech company they could partner with to build out a portal that met their unique needs. BuySellAds managed to deliver. The company worked alongside InvestingChannel's ad teams to build a direct sales portal that would let InvestingChannel sell its inventory on both a publisher-by-publisher basis, as well as a cross-publication audience basis.

According to the Head of Programmatic & Business Development at InvestingChannel, Peter Cunha, the company "needed a solution that would afford our sales teams the flexibility they needed to sell our best inventory. Not everyone is looking to target a single publication's consumers. Being able to package up our entire audience for marketers has been wildly successful."

"It was difficult finding a partner that shared our vision for the future of advertising at InvestingChannel," said Cunha.

Ultimately, they chose to partner with BuySellAds because of its ability to build features on the fly and create a custom solution that directly suited its needs.

With the current state of ad-blocking and other content consumer concern across the industry, it was important for us to find a partner that had our same commitment to maintaining the user experience for our audience. By utilizing the BuySellAds platform, we were able to stay on top of creative being deployed across our network Peter Cunha Peter Cunha Head of Programmatic & Business Development at InvestingChannel

Maintain User Experience Across Publication Network

Hoping to keep control over the user experience on their network, InvestingChannel set out to build a direct sales portal that would help its ad operations team automate the placement of creative, while still giving the team the ability to approve all creative before it placed display inventory on its sites. Knowing what was being displayed and where advertisements were directing traffic was something Cunha's team narrowed in on as an ideal solution for their ad sales platform.

The partnership between InvestingChannel and BuySellAds was a natural fit, according to Todd Garland, CEO, and Founder at BuySellAds, "We truly believe the key to surviving the next decade of online advertising lays at the foot of user-experience. Publishers that know what they're displaying on their networks have a competitive advantage over those who are trusting systems to fill inventory automatically. By engaging in the process of curating ad experiences for audiences, publishers have the ability to start regaining the trust of their content consumers. Peter and his team at InvestingChannel understand that relationship with their audiences quite intimately."

Opening Up Native Sales

Selling native advertising at scale can be a difficult task when all purchases are handled manually. With BuySellAds, InvestingChannel has been able to open access to top native inventory opportunities to advertisers looking to buy placements direct from the publishing company, while still maintaining control over creative placements and the ability to automate the tedious aspects of interacting on an insertion order.

In choosing to partner with BuySellAds, InvestingChannel was not only able to package up its inventory in an exciting new way, but it was also possible for the company to open up its native sales opportunities directly to its advertisers in a way that's unparalleled in the industry.

"Relying on exchanges to fill unsold inventory will only get you so far in today's ad blocker world. What we needed at InvestingChannel was a platform to automate the sale of our native inventory while giving the advertiser's a tool they could use to make purchases directly," said Cunha, InvestingChannel's Head of Programmatic & Business Development. "It was such an ideal fit already, but once we realized they could build the features we needed to address our unique situation, it was pretty obvious they were the perfect fit for InvestingChannel.

InvestingChannel Is Leveraging BSA In A Unique Way

Traditionally, most publishers have been using a single BuySellAds installation in a siloed environment. At InvestingChannel, the company is using BuySellAds across their entire network, while also providing installations to its flagship publications like StockTwits and ZeroHedge.

This new approach by InvestingChannel has made it possible for a large scale publisher to both sell into its collective inventory pool while also providing individual sales teams at each publication the ability to funnel sales into their respective companies. It’s definitely a forward-thinking approach on the part of Peter’s team. As far as we know, no one is doing this yet, but it’s a perfect example of where the industry is heading,” according to Todd Garland, Founder, and CEO of BuySellAds. “We’re going to start seeing more publishers doing this in the next couple of years.

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