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Publisher Solutions Self-Serve Direct

Self-Serve Direct

You can sell direct. You can sell with confidence. Fully managed, fully hosted, zero-touch solution.

Your Sales Team Will Benefit From Self-Serve Direct

01. Maximize Your Earning Potential

Help all advertisers, regardless of budget restraint. Our self-serve platform gives marketers access to state-of-the-art advanced targeting capabilities.

02. Expand The Top Of Your Sales Funnel

Restore your sales team’s bandwidth while also helping them increase their sales funnels. Help your sales team open up new advertising opportunities.

03. Reduce The Cost Of Servicing Orders

With your own Self-Serve Direct installation, your ad ops team can focus on handling the details of larger accounts while smaller campaigns are placed automatically.

04. Integrate With Your Existing Ad Server

No one likes starting from scratch. That's why we've built deep hooks into DFP, Adzerk, and Open X. Our platform works with the tools you use out of the box.

Don’t forfeit revenue from advertisers with smaller budgets because your team can’t handle the supply. Give your team the tools it needs to automate smaller accounts.

Self-Serve Direct Platform

Setting Up Is A Breeze.

01. Setup

Setup of your fully hosted Self-Serve Direct site, including a custom domain.

02. Review and Train

Our team will review and train your sales staff, as well as recommend customizations and optimal workflows.

03. Customize Ad Buying

Set pricing, order minimums and maximums, and media types including: sponsored posts, podcast, radio spots, and traditional display media.

04. Sell and Track Performance

Credit your sales team for all purchases made through Self-Serve Direct.

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Join world-renowed media companies. It's time to give your sales team a platform that lets them sell guaranteed inventory in the most efficient way possible.

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