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Customer Stories SitePoint
SitePoint Case Study

Maximizing Advertising Sales

When it comes to maximizing its sales team potential, and minimizing the time the sales team spends transacting with clients, SitePoint relies on BuySellAds to get the job done.

An Amazing Turn Around

Finding a well-supported solution was a top priority for SitePoint. As the company struggled to sell premium inventory, BuySellAds was able to provide SitePoint’s sales team with technology that helps the company focus its effort on sales and less on managing an ad tech platform.

According to Natalie Tarpinian, VP of Sales and Partnerships at SitePoint Media, relying on BuySellAds has helped the sales team “increase sales of premium products, and offer a more streamlined sales process for both our sales team and our advertising partners.

By integrating BuySellAds into their sales cycle, SitePoint was able to minimize the confusion around deal transactions and streamline the process from deal discovery to deal completion. The entire sales process is now handled through the BuySellAds’ platform.

Goals & Results

  • Help Team Better Manage Sales
  • Place Emphasis On Premium Offerings
  • Find A Simple and Affordable Integration
  • Find A Complete Solution
  • Higher CPM's, And Higher Fill Rates
  • Increased Sale Of Premium Products

Easy Integration And Setup

Advertising automation tools have a stigma of being difficult to configure and even more complicated to maintain. Integrating a tool seamlessly into SitePoint’s sales funnel was a top priority for the company. BuySellAds provided the company with a simple and affordable product that seamlessly integrated with the site’s sales systems, including deep CRM integration (Salesforce, HubSpot). According to Tarpinian, “Everything was very easy to implement. When we did have an issue, it was quickly handled by the BuySellAds support team.

SitePoint’s early success led the company to integrate all of BuySellAd’s products into its ad sales tech stack. The company now works exclusively with Deal Manager Direct, Self- Serve Direct, and even the BuySellAd Marketplace.

According to Natalie Tarpinian, “BuySellAds had the best products for automating ad inventory. The BuySellAds’ platform has performed well beyond our original expectations. When you partner its simple integration with their engaged support team, there wasn’t much time spent considering alternatives. The products have lived up to our expectation, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. BuySellAds has helped our sales team reach their potential.

Unprecedented Sales Team Focus

When it comes to sales, most BuySellAds customers cite wasted time as a top issue facing their sales team. Technologies have become convoluted and sales teams are now losing momentum during sales cycles because their tech stacks are bogging them down. SitePoint wrestled with the same problems.

Having your team focus on anything but closing deals can directly influence a companies earning potential. When we set out find a solution, it was evident that BuySellAds could help our sales team focus primarily on closing deals. We were able to alleviate the struggles associated with transacting online every day. Natalie Tarpinian Natalie Tarpinian VP of Sales and Partnerships at SitePoint Media

SitePoint was looking for a solution that would expedite the sales cycle, and they found it at BuySellAds.

Natalie Tarpinian, VP of Sales and Partnerships at SitePoint Media, believes BuySellAds has streamlined the sales team’s deal cycle:

At the time, we were looking for a solution that allowed our sales reps to focus on selling more of our premium offerings and less on our traditional display advertising. Historically at SitePoint, we’ve focused on selling display, but the industry is pushing beyond those offerings. Managing a process for native and premium offerings is a lot more complicated than just selling display inventory. [BuySellAds] has performed exquisitely, and our overall sales process now lets us focus on larger, strategic deals,” said Natalie Tarpinian, VP of Sales and Partnerships at SitePoint Media.

The results have been staggering. “We’ve seen higher CPM's, higher fill rates, and we’re now able to automate a part of our sales cycle. BuySellAds also helped my team focus on selling higher premium inventory. Thanks to our streamlined process, we’ve increased our sales of premium products. We can now spend more time selling and less time communicating with our advertisers about primary placement opinions. It’s fantastic.

If you are getting a lot of requests for advertising on your site, and feel bogged down with managing it all yourself, I would definitely recommend giving BSA a try. You really have nothing to lose, just more possible income and freedom to gain!

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