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Unreserved. Helping you monetize ALL your traffic.

BuySellAds was created to make direct advertising easier. Good news, we’ve done that. Now we want to help you monetize the long tail of your unreserved inventory.

Every site has a bunch of remnant networks, affiliate offers, and house ads that replace their unsold impressions. Let us overhaul this space and optimize it for you.

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Easy Setup

There’s no reason to mash together multiple ad codes or reconfigure everything you’re already doing. Our ad code plugs into CPM units you’re already running.

The ad code is a simple HTML snippet, and we also have state of the art DFP and Adzerk integrations. Oh and we work well with any other ad networks you have in the mix over there.

Make More

We’ll work hard to increase your revenue. We leverage our huge scale to your advantage, and we optimize on a small scale to fine tune your earning potential.

You’ll get access to Google Ad Exchange via Unreserved.

How is this different than AdSense? Think of it this way, with AdSense the advertisers are Google AdWords, Invite Media, and DCLK Bid Manager.

Ad Exchange contains the previously mentioned networks, along with over 140,000 more advertisers.

We also negotiate with media buyers on your behalf and push through private deals.

Constantly Adjusting

We know which knobs to turn, and have full-time staff adjusting the minute details to make you the most money. Minimum CPMs, premium advertiser lockouts, we handle it all.

Our system automatically determines the best advertiser for your niche based on a wide range of parameters that we’ve set. We’d have to write a book to explain all the details; suffice it to say, we’ve put a TON of effort into this system.

Full Freedom

Watch how earnings are changing from day to day in your BSA dashboard, get paid every month on time, and make changes whenever you’d like. It’s your inventory; we’re just doing the dirty work.

We display your earnings from the BuySellAds dashboard, you get to select the size of the ad units you serve, and you can customize the color scheme and overall appearance. We have a dedicated team that’s going to do the dirty work so you can focus on growing your site. We’re always just an email away!

What We’re Looking For

This all sounds pretty great, right? To join, you must have:

  • 400,000+ impressions per month
  • Unique content & a passion for what you do
  • Standard IAB sizes: 300x250, 728x90, etc...
  • Premium above the fold inventory
  • Content that is safe for work and legal
  • Ambition to increase your revenue
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