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About Overview

BuySellAds is the monetization solution of choice for high-quality content creators.

We drive independence and sustainability through our scalable, innovative ad products. On-demand. Relevant. Scalable. Creative.

Who is BuySellAds?

BuySellAds drives access to and activation of the most loyal audiences online, at scale. The story of digital advertising and online marketing has long been a numbers game – "expand our reach" and "grow our fans" is a common ask of marketers today. This has been especially challenging as brands became storytellers themselves through content marketing.

BuySellAds provides a single solution for this challenge, bringing the best independent publishers in the world together with advertisers that value relevance and context and who actively want to track, measure and optimize the performance of their creative.

Simply put, high-quality content creators attract loyal, curious and similarly passionate audiences. With a 5% acceptance rate into our publisher marketplace, brands can rest assured they are only accessing the best digital content and associated audiences.

Yet forget talking to 30 publishers or 30 advertisers each month. With BSA, both sides transact as they please, with audience, pricing and placement guarantees that are transparent before a deal is done. Publishers retain the right to decline an ad as well. Sustainability and control – it’s no longer a pipe dream.

We would argue that marketing in context – long a favorite tactic via television and magazines - has lost its shine in digital. Yet today, in the wake of content marketing and the rise of native advertising, reaching passionate, engaged consumers at scale is back and they’re only accessible in context. Advertisers require the power of high-quality content creators paired with technology that can guarantee, automate and simplify the process – BSA is the de facto solution.

We’ve been doing what’s now being called "programmatic direct" or "automated guaranteed" since 2008; but, unlike the newer players, we sell over 6B impressions a month. We don’t need a new category to know that reaching a passionate audience is the desire of both content creators and brands. Being the conduit for supply meeting demand is a huge business opportunity. Join us.

We're publishers, too

BuySellAds was born out of frustration with monetizing our own websites. We experienced the same problems and frustrations that likely brought you here, and we built this company to solve these frustrations. We're here to help take you to the next level, to help you do a better job monetizing, managing, and optimizing your ad inventory.

  • Andrew Dertinger
  • Angela Rohner
  • Brian Chinn
  • Chris Martinez
  • Duane Kinsey
  • Eric Hargrove
  • Garrett Brick
  • Greg Shepherd
  • Jen Vazmina
  • Jon Hehir
  • Jon Phillips
  • Joshua Schnell
  • Juliann Butz
  • Justin Osterman
  • Lara Zakarian
  • Lizette Porras
  • Mark Tinsley
  • Matt Markic
  • Matthew Kammerer
  • Meaghan Miller
  • Natalie Tarpinian
  • Nathan Wong
  • Pam de Jong
  • Paul Andrew
  • Paul Moss
  • Rachel Hirsh
  • Roger Byrne
  • Sayz Lim
  • Sergiu Poenaru
  • Todd Garland
  • Tom Masiero
  • Trevor Covert
  • Vanessa King

A trip down memory lane

Here's a brief look back through BSA's history.

  • Bitcoin.com Selects BuySellAds As Exclusive Advertising Partner August 2017
  • BuySellAds Announces Exclusive Advertising Partnership With Blockchain August 2017
  • BuySellAds Joins Acceptable Ads Committee March 2017
    We joined the Acceptable Ads committee to give readers a voice in the advertising equation. Coverage on Business Insider.
  • BuySellAds Signs Partnership Deal With SitePoint, Acquires Ad Ops Team February 2017
    This deal both bolsters our sales bullpen and gives us exclusive access to SitePoint's inventory. Read more about it here.
  • BuySellAds Aquires Authentic Jobs January 2017
    Authentic Jobs will be run as a standalone business. You can read more about the acquisition here.
  • Lonely Planet Selects Self-Serve Direct As Its Programmatic Direct Platform January 2017
    The company will funnel all self-serve sales through the portal.
  • Scripps Networks Interactive Chooses Self-Serve Direct To Power Its Direct Sales January 2017
    Scripps Networks Interactive rolls out Self-Serve Direct across all of its properties.
  • Roku Partners With BuySellAds For Direct Sales Platform December 2016
    All device display advertisements will be powered by the platform. Read more on the Roku blog.
  • National Public Media (NPR and PBS) Select BSA’s Self-Serve Direct Platform November 2016
    You can read the official press release here: National Public Media selects BuySellAds to create new revenue stream.
  • Deal Manager Direct And Self-Serve Direct launched August 2015
  • BSA acquires email ad startup LaunchBit September 2014
  • Kantar Media / SRDS Partnership April 2014
    Kantar Media to give media planners access to buy BuySellAds' inventory directly through their programmatic insertion order and proposal system.
  • reddit Partnership February 2014
    reddit joins the BuySellAds Marketplace selling custom curated sub-reddits.
  • Introduction of Native Ad Technology January 2014
    We officially launched our Native ad serving and selling capabilities for non-standard ads.
  • BuySellAds Acquires Carbon Ads December 2013
    We acquired Carbon Ads, a niche, one-ad-per-page network similar to our Fusion/AdPacks/Yoggrt networks.
  • BitTorrent Partnership July 2013
    BitTorrent, the company that revolutionized large file transfers, partnered with us to help facilitate self-serve ad sales.
  • 100,000th Order Processed June 2013
    It took 47 months for our 50,000th order, and it only took an additional 18 months for the next 50,000.
  • BuySellAds Pro Launched December 2012
    We launched our new BuySellAds Pro product that integrates direct sales, ad serving, CRM, and overall monetization management into one powerful interface.
  • Unreserved Launched October 2012
    We launched Unreserved, product that effortlessly connects publisher inventory to RTB demand sources like Google AdExchange.
  • Recognized By Inc. Magazine on the Inc500 August 2012
    We are humbled to be recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US over the past 3 years.
  • Version 3 Launched March 2012
    We released a major overhaul to the marketplace, titled "Version 3," in preparation for the forthcoming launch of our PRO product line.
  • 50,000th Order Processed December 2011
    We processed the 50,000th order through the marketplace on December 14th.
  • Fusion Ads and Beacon Ads Acquired November 2011
    We acquired one-ad-per-page ad network Fusion Ads and BSA private label Beacon Ads.
  • 5 Billion Impression Sold August 2011
    We reached another milestone in August, breaking the 5-billion-ad-impressions-sold (in a single month) mark.
  • Yoggrt Ad Network Acquired July 2011
    We acquired one-ad-per-page ad network Yoggrt Ads.
  • RSS Feed Ad Type Launched April 2011
    We added the ability to buy and sell RSS Feed ads in the marketplace.
  • Version 2.5 Launched March 2011
    We added a slew of new features and improvements to the BSA app.
  • Sponsored Tweets Launched March 2011
    A large addition to our marketplace, we ushered in Sponsored Tweets. While it was met with skepticism, it's turned into a very popular ad type.
  • AdPacks Launched October 2010
    Our one-ad-per-page network AdPacks has launched. Our hand-picked and perfectly priced packs of premium ads.
  • Private Label Launched June 2010
    We launched our private label ad network software with our first partner, Beacon Ads.
  • MITX Finalist May 2010
    BSA named a finalist for the 2010 MITX Technology Awards.
  • Real-time Analytics Released May 2010
    A major overhaul to our stats collection methods was completed and we released real-time analytics. Stats in advertiser and publisher accounts update within a minute of each ad request.
  • Asynchronous Ad Code Released February 2010
    BSA became the first ad network to develop asynchronous ad code.
  • 1.5 Billion Ad Impressions Sold September 2009
    In September we hit a milestone for selling over 1.5 billion ad impressions during the month.
  • Web Innovators Group Award Summer 2009
    We presented BuySellAds to a room of ~ 1,000 folks from the startup community in Boston, MA and were thrilled to receive the "Audience Choice" award for the night.
  • Version 2 Launched April 2009
    While most folks were frantically finishing (or starting) their tax returns, we were frantically putting the finishing touches to version 2 of the BSA software.
  • Time to Get Serious January 2009
    For some, this is the beginning of the New Year. For us, this was the day BSA transitioned from a nights-and-weekends project to a real company.
  • Sold our first ad February 2008
    We used a thumbtack to pin our first dollar to the wall. BSA opened for business and sold its first ad to FreshBooks on CSSElite.com. For all of 2008, BuySellAds was (quite honestly) a late night and weekend project as we worked to build it into a real, sustainable business.
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