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Publisher Solutions

Automation Tools for Ad Ops and Sales

Reel in the chaos and complexity of selling your ad inventory directly to advertisers. Drive more sales and become a better team.

Expand the top of your sales funnel

The only direct sales platform that allows full white-labelling.

Fully managed, fully hosted, zero-touch solution. No tech expertise on your team is required to get up and running.

Capture more display revenue without being slowed down: we automatically traffic approved orders through deep API integrations with all of the major ad servers.

Sell guaranteed inventory while maintaining full control: set pricing, order minimums and maximums, and maintain approval over every buy.

Showcase your most valuable segments. Use geo and audience-specific pricing rules for your inventory.

Custom domain (i.e. or similar).

Incentivize your sales force to send small-budget advertisers through self-serve. Track and credit them with these sales.

CRM Integration makes it easy for your team to take a self-serve buyer and integrate into an up-sell process.

Live examples of publishers selling more rate card inventory right now

  • The Atlantic
  • IBT Media
  • Purch
  • StackExchange
  • CoinDesk
  • Sitepoint
  • Design Taxi
  • Venture Beat
  • Electronic Arts

Close more deals faster

  • Very quickly build a proposal
  • Forecast avails with the click of a button
  • Send proposal and receive eSignature within minutes
  • Organize and traffic the entire campaign
  • Use WebHooks to further integrate w/existing systems
Deals Manager Direct Demo

SaaS based solution

Integrates directly with your CRM

Easily integrates with your ad server

Supports any ad format (display, mobile, video, content, etc)

Improved communications and departmental connectivity

Make your rate card inventory accessible to leading global brands

Media Kit

You set pricing and placement details to create a "digital media kit" for advertisers.

Media Planner

We get your ad inventory in front of relevant, high-quality advertisers looking to partner with you.

Approval Process

You are able to review and approve (or deny) every ad and every change before it goes live.

Thousands of quality advertisers and brands

Advertisers and publishers choose to work with BuySellAds because every last detail is fully transparent.

    We have sold over $50,000,000 in guaranteed deals for top publishers across the web.

    More than all of our competitors combined.

      Yes, BuySellAds will help you make more money; however, it's only because they help your team unlock its true potential.

      Natalie Tarpinian

      VP of Sales and Partnerships,
      SitePoint Media

      Here's what you can do with our product:

      Profitably capture buyers who do not meet your minimum spend threshold with our zero-touch order automation platform.

      Improve the productivity of your sales team by providing them with a toolset that will make them become better sales people.

      Expose your rate card (guaranteed) inventory within Marketplace to buyers you wouldn't normally come across or think to pitch.

      Increase the number of advertiser relationships you have (open your funnel) via self-serve and then leverage your in house team to up-sell those brands on larger, high-value deals.

      Introduce automation *as* you feel comfortable and *where* you feel comfortable through our Deals Management tool.

      Success-based Pricing

      We're in this together — we only make money when you make money.

      $ 0 per month
      • Open up your advertiser funnel
      • High-paying, creative ad units at your fingertips
      • Integration with all major ad servers (or, free ad serving by us)
      • Exposure to thousands of active advertisers
      • 24/7 support from the awesome BSA team

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      Addons for the pros who want the full automated guaranteed stack

      Deal Manager Direct $499 per month + 0% of advertiser spend (i.e. $0)

      1 User + $150 per additional

      1 Site + $250 per additional

      CRM Integration

      Web Hooks for further integration with other 3rd party tools

      Self-Serve Direct 10% of self-serve bookings includes payment processing

      Unlimited Sites per white-label

      CRM Integration

      Web Hooks for further integration with other 3rd party tools

      Custom Domain i.e.

      Get Started

      • Increase transaction volume
      • Tools your advertisers will love
      • Open up your advertiser funnel
      • High-paying, creative ad units at your fingertips
      • 24/7 support from the BSA team
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