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Matt Reichard
Matt Reichard
User Acquisition at Storyblocks
Case Study

The perfect asset
for any project

About Storyblocks

Unlimited stock assets, forever.

Storyblocks lets designers focus on designing rather than corralling complicated stock licenses. It gives members access to thousands of stock images, vectors, and illustrations with unlimited downloads and no contracts.

As its portfolio grew, Storyblocks needed a marketing strategy that converted designers into subscribers.

To meet this goal, it’s leveraging native performance ads on publisher properties trusted by designers.

Storyblocks Graphic

The Results

Storyblocks uses native ads to introduce designers to its product.

Click-Through-Rate 6.4x

Native Performance Ad Type

Designers Target Audience

BuySellAds gives us access to thousands of high-quality publishers through a single campaign. Their curated audiences save me time and money, which lets me focus on growing Storyblocks.

Matt Reichard - Storyblocks Matt Reichard User Acquisition at Storyblocks

Campaign Approach

Storyblocks reaches designers through high-quality publishers.

Designers are sensitive to user experience, making native advertisements a perfect fit for Storyblocks campaigns. These advertisements blend in with high-quality publisher content on thousands of websites and newsletters including Dribbble, DesignTaxi, World Vector Logo, and Future Insights.

Advertising on publisher properties means the Storyblocks message reaches designers when they’re already seeking inspiration and resources. Relevant placements lead to amazing results—Storyblocks campaigns are clicked on 6.4 times more often than industry standards.

As an added bonus, these direct campaigns guarantee brand-safe placements on trusted websites and newsletters.

With native campaigns, Storyblocks is helping more designers find and use the perfect asset for every project.

Ad Example Storyblocks

Transparent campaign placements give us peace of mind without needing constant monitoring. BuySellAds is an ally to its publishers and advertisers, and they’re a long-term partner because of it.

Matt Reichard - Storyblocks Matt Reichard User Acquisition at Storyblocks
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