The 11 Best Marketing Podcasts for Growth in 2018

Portrait of Vanessa King
by Vanessa King
Jul 20, 2018

Marketing podcasts let you learn from experts and keep up with the latest trends—plus, as a bonus, you can listen in from the comfort of your office, a bus, or even a treadmill.

To help you discover the best ones out there, here’s a roundup of the best B2B marketing podcasts in 2018 covering everything from strategies to tactics to tools.


Re:Growth is a marketing podcast that focuses on helping B2B marketers grow their campaigns and careers. Its 30-minute interviews feature top digital marketers from companies like Slack, HelloSign, HubSpot, and more.

Season One dropped all at once, meaning you binge listen all the advice in one go. The first season is about laying the foundation for marketing growth, and future seasons will drill into specific channels and tactics.

Find out more on iTunes or the Re:Growth website.

Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee is a casual discussion of the week’s most important marketing news. It’s a great way to catch up on the week’s headlines without sifting through them yourself, and the discussion helps explain what the news means for you.

Find out more on iTunes or the website.

Everyone Hates Marketers

Everyone Hates Marketers is about helping companies grow without shady marketing practices. Each episode features a consultant or in-house marketer who goes deep into a particular marketing activity such as analytics, email, personas, and more.

To get a taste of the podcast, start with the episodes featuring Seth Godin or Oli Gardner.

Find out more on iTunes or the website.


On the search side of things, there’s no better marketing podcast than MozPod. Produced by Moz, each episode features an interview with an SEO expert of some type. While it can get quite technical, it’s still understandable for those who only dabble in search marketing.

Find out more on iTunes or Libsyn.

Digiday Podcast

If you manage digital marketing campaigns, listening to podcasts on the adtech side of things will help you understand trends and updates before they impact your pages and campaigns.

The Digiday Podcast is a solid place to start, featuring interviews with top publishers. Pay attention to how guests manage distribution and reach and any adtech updates they’re making on their own websites.

Find out more on iTunes or the website.

Marketing Strategies Podcast

The Marketing Strategies Podcast is exactly what its title suggests. Each week, the host talks to a marketing director about their growth marketing strategies. The podcast focuses on B2B companies and includes interviews with top marketers at Instapage, Constant Contact, ShopifyPlus, and many more.

Find out more on iTunes or the website.

The Science of Social Media

If you’re responsible for social media marketing, you’ll enjoy the Science of Social Media. Managed by Buffer, this marketing podcast rotates between quick tips from the Buffer team and interviews with industry experts.

Episodes are around 15 minutes long, making them the ideal length for a quick break from work.

Find out more on iTunes or the website.

Inside Intercom

Inside Intercom touches on marketing, product management, design, and a bunch of other topics that affect marketers in some way. The podcast features discussions with all types of people who work in the tech industry.

Episodes featuring Duolingo’s Gina Gotthilf and Postmates’ Siqi Chen are a great place to start for marketers.

Find out more on iTunes or the website.

Growth Marketing Toolbox

Each episode of Growth Marketing Toolbox narrows in on a specific tool, tactic, or channel to drive user acquisition and revenue. Interviews feature a lot of product creators, agency owners, and consultants, which provides insights for both B2B and B2C marketers.

Find out more on iTunes or the website.

Copyblogger FM

You’re probably already familiar with Copyblogger, but have you listened to their podcast? Each week, episodes cover content marketing news, copywriting tips, and interviews with experts in the field.

It doesn’t hurt that host Sonia Simone could captivate audiences by reading a phonebook.

Find out more on iTunes or the website.

Marketing Smarts

Marketing Smarts is MarketingProfs’ podcast. Each week, an expert joins the show to talk about a specific part of marketing: content, thinking, branding, and more. The podcast includes both B2B and B2C marketers from companies like GE, CoSchedule, and InsightSquared.

Find out more on iTunes or the website.