BuySellAds and Buttondown Collaborate to Streamline Sponsorship Placements, Offering Advertisers Direct Access to Newsletter Audiences

Portrait of Todd Garland
by Todd Garland
Sep 27, 2023

BuySellAds, the leading contextual advertising platform, announces its integration with Buttondown. This collaboration is the first of many, as BuySellAds actively seeks to partner with other email service providers, aiming to set a new industry standard for seamless and aesthetically pleasing ad integrations in newsletters.

The integration allows Buttondown users to effortlessly pull ads from the BuySellAds Ad Serving API, dynamically integrating sponsorships into their email templates. This not only reduces manual work but also ensures that publishers retain full control over the sponsors they feature, guaranteeing content authenticity.

Beyond simplifying the ad integration process, this collaboration also offers publishers the potential to diversify their revenue streams. By connecting with BuySellAds' vast network of advertisers, publishers can tap into a broader range of sponsorship opportunities. More than just a revenue source, these ads serve as a discovery platform, introducing readers to relevant products and services, thereby enhancing the overall value and experience delivered to their audience.

Todd Garland, CEO of BuySellAds, shared his vision: "Email advertising in newsletters has predominantly been a manual process. While there are methods to integrate ads into emails, the existing options often lack finesse. We're on a mission to transform this landscape, aiming to make ads in email not just functional but truly beautiful and useful for readers, moving away from the conventional 728x90 and 300x250 web ads."

BuySellAds is committed to expanding its platform by collaborating with creators producing high-quality content. The goal is to facilitate advertisers in connecting with these creators on a larger scale, rather than one-on-one interactions. With a slew of new features and integrations slated for Q4, BuySellAds is poised to further enhance the appeal and capabilities of its platform.

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