BuySellAds Launches Newsletter Network to Support Publishers and Advertisers

Portrait of Matthew Kammerer
by Matthew Kammerer
Sep 30, 2022

We’re excited to announce our newest tool for publishers to fuel their passion on the independent web – our Newsletter Network. It’s one more way we can drive performance while being privacy-focused.

This new network gives growing publishers access to large brands and established publishers opportunity to fill valuable unsold inventory. In addition, advertisers can tap into premium inventory and engaged audiences to drive performance at a fraction of the cost.

It’d be silly to share this news and not acknowledge that we’re not the first to build this kind of tool. Heck, even ESPs and CMS platforms are launching their own networks. While other major players are attempting this, the quality and fill rates are not up to par with our standards.

Publishers work hard to share quality content that their audience will enjoy. Email ads should follow these quality standards. They shouldn’t compare to the low-quality ads that flood the internet today.

BuySellAds holds high expectations for both sides of the business. We know this model well— we bought one of the first newsletter networks in 2014. This experience is what sets us apart.

So why now? It’s no secret that the newsletter ecosystem has grown. BuySellAds already partners with the top newsletters to sell ads. Now we can help publishers fill open dates that aren’t sold directly. By the end of the year, we will have paid our publishers tens of millions of dollars to do what they love. We’re excited to continue that support with the Newsletter Network.

Interested in joining the network as a publisher? We’re looking for high quality publishers of all sizes in the design, development, consumer lifestyle, and crypto audiences.

Advertisers, are you ready to reach the most engaged online audiences at a competitive rate without worrying about quality or adblock? Now is your chance.