We've Partnered Up With National Public Media (NPR & PBS)...

Portrait of Joshua Schnell
by Joshua Schnell
Nov 1, 2016

With the industry moving quickly towards the automation of direct orders, it’s important that we build appropriate tools for media companies so they can service a wider range of advertiser campaigns, and automate as much of the placement processes as possible.

While working with select partners, we've managed to build a streamlined self-serve platform for National Public Media (both NPR and PBS) that will drastically influence the companies profits by increasing its operational efficiency.

NPR has successfully improved sales and ad operations efficiency, expanded the top of its sales funnel, and reduced the cost of servicing orders by investing in direct sales automation with BuySellAds.

If you're interested in exploring how National Public Media is using BuySellAds to increase its order volume without having to expand their sales team, you can read the case study online.