BuySellAds Partners with Cryptocurrency Leaders, Expanding Its Extensive Media Reach

Portrait of Duane Kinsey
by Duane Kinsey
Aug 25, 2017

Exclusive partnerships with Blockchain and give marketers access to new vertical

Aug. 25, 2017—BuySellAds is known for its publisher placements curated around sought-after verticals including developers and designers. Now, the advertising technology leader is adding cryptocurrency audiences to its portfolio after signing a series of exclusive advertising partnerships.

“The digital economy is growing every day,” said Duane Kinsey, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at BuySellAds. “As interest and adoption expands so does the opportunity for relevant brands to connect with cryptocurrency newcomers and veterans.”

BuySellAds’ push into the cryptocurrency space aligns with the company’s strategy to holistically manage advertising for publishers that cater to specialized communities such as developers, business leaders, and designers.

This history and relationship with tech-savvy audiences has informed BuySellAds’ focus on user-first advertisements that are unobtrusive, do not collect personal information for remarketing purposes, and can be delivered securely through BuySellAds’ server-to-server technology. These privacy and security standards closely align with cryptocurrency audiences’ values.

“We enable marketers to reach audiences through high-quality, vertically-relevant publishers rather than intrusive user data,” said Kinsey. “This gives context to advertisements, which translates to higher performance. It’s a win-win for audiences and marketers.”

The recent partnerships with cryptocurrency platforms give BuySellAds marketers immediate access to sponsored content, native, and display inventory. Over time, BuySellAds will explore other formats that perform well with cryptocurrency audiences.

And, of course, marketers running cryptocurrency campaigns with BuySellAds will be able to pay in Bitcoin.

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